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Our Dentists in Sarnia, Ontario

At Family Dental Centre, our dental team is committed to preserving and strengthening your natural smile. Our dentists in Sarnia, Ontario use state-of-the-art techniques and dental equipment to ensure our patients’ smiles are protected for years to come. For cosmetic and family dentistry in Sarnia, choose Family Dental Centre.
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A Standard for Excellence

At Family Dental Centre, we will work with you to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and your schedule to ensure your optimal oral health and wellbeing. We’re also proud to offer immediate dental care for any emergency you or your family member face.
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Helping You Learn about Oral Health

We believe that one of the most important factors in helping our patients achieve and maintain a brilliant smile is helping them boost their knowledge of dental health and how they can best care for their teeth between appointments. We’ll evaluate your medical history to determine if you’re at risk for any oral health issues. Our dentists in Sarnia Ontario can even work with your medical professionals to help personalize your dental care.
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Safe & Sterile Dentistry

At Family Dental Centre, dental health and safety are our top goals. To protect our patients and our team, we maintain rigorous sterilization guidelines recommended by the Ontario Dental Association, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration and the Center for Disease Control.
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Experienced Dental Care

When you choose Family Dental Centre, you can rest assured that a team of diligent and experienced dental professionals is committed to helping you achieve a brilliant smile and optimal oral health. To offer you state-of-the-art dental care, our team regularly attends conferences, seminars and conventions. At Family Dental Centre, we’re always working to keep you smiling!
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Committed to Your Satisfaction

The Family Dental Centre team offers patient-focused dental care to children, adults and seniors across Sarnia. We know many patients, no matter their age, can feel uneasy visiting the dentist, but you’ll never have to feel uncomfortable or nervous at our Sarnia dental clinic. Our dentists in Sarnia, Ontario endeavor to make your next appointment as comfortable and efficient as possible.